Common Frog eye detail

A taste of spring has come early to the sleepy village of Godolphin Cross in West Cornwall. The winter climate here is generally much milder than the rest of the United Kingdom and over the last month or so I have heard half a dozen or so Common Frogs – Rana temporaria croaking away first thing in the morning even though temperatures have frequently been around 0C or under as daylight approaches.

Updated 15th January 2009 Wink

Canadian Goose


The visit to Par Beach Pool by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Photographic Group on the 23rd November 2008 was new territory for me, and when I arrived there I once again had misgivings about a meeting which was based around such a popular place with Joe Public.
However our guides, David Chapman & Nigel Climpson, had already planned to move to nearby Spit Point on the western fringe of Par Sands for the first part of our visit, which at the time was sheltered from the strong winds that were building up.

Avocet on the River Exe


I am not a bird watcher by any means but there is something special about seeing large numbers of the emblematic Avocet at first hand.

To that end, on Saturday 15th November we crossed the border into England and headed for Starcross and the River Exe in Devon where we had booked to go on the 2.00pm sailing of the RSPB Avocet Cruise.